Sitting is the New Smoking

Sitting is the new smoking. You’ve likely heard that saying before and maybe even scoffed at the absurdity of it. After all, it’s 2018 – everyone knows smoking is a hazard to your health of the first degree. But as smoking rates have declined in the U.S., we have become increasingly sedentary and that lack of movement is seriously impacting our health. Where throughout most of human history we moved constantly, our modern lifestyles demand no such consistent, low-intensity activity. We sit to eat, sit in our cars, sit at our desks, sit in front of the TV. 

Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic.The moral of the story is get up and move! Even the most basic, seemingly insignificant additions of movement to your day add up and help combat the scourge of our sedentary culture. I'm typing this right now at my standing desk.